The Dairy Shop

Casearia Monti Trentini S.p.a. has its own dairy shop which sells its own cheeses and other typical Trentino products. The customer can find, try out and taste our specialities - all at exceptionally good value for money. The main aim, in fact, of our shop for people to get to know our excellent cheeses, amongst which Vezzena, Enego, Pannarello, different types of Asiagos, Grana Padano, Fior Valsugana, butter, Tosella and many others all stand out.

Inside the shop, you can admire some old pieces of equipment used in cheese-making; the oldest one, which dates from the 1600s, is a metal grater; then there is a wooden strainer in the shape of a propeller from the end of the 1700s and many others. As well as cheese, you can find excellent quality wines from the Trentino region like the famous Teroldego, salamis, speck (a smocked ham typical of the region), honey and jams.

Opening Times

8:00-12:30 15:30-19:00
The shop is closed on Monday and Wednesday afternoons and on Sundays.

We are waiting for you!!!