Guaranteed brands

With the adoption of regulations that control Dop and Igp, the European Union has agreed to enhance and protect the quality and the local nature of some products. Moreover, it has tried to meet increasing consumer requests for information and to support the rural world, above all in marginal and disadvantaged areas of the European Union. The European community has also favoured the development of quality control systems that respect production specifications as set out in regulations. These are rules which must be respected by producers in order for them to mark their products with the Dop or Igp trademark, identified in all of the EEC area.

Among the products that Casearia Monti Trentini offers its customers, we list below those that are guaranteed by registered trademarks:

ASIAGO D.O.C. The Asiago plateau has been an area of rich pastures for herds whose milk produced a tasteful cheese since the year 1000. From the sixteenth century, with the spread of cattle-farming and the dedication of farm workers, dairy farming was given precise and definite working rules. The DOC was recognized by law on 21/12/1978. Established in 1979, the Consorzio Tutela today unites 101 producers. The areas of production are four provinces of the north-east of Italy: the whole territory of Vicenza and Trento, and parts of the provinces of Padova and Treviso. Each cheese wheel is marked with the Consorzio’s trademark, the dairy identification number, the abbreviation of the province and the word Asiago.

GRANA PADANO D.O.P. The Consorzio which protects the Grana Padano cheese, created and registered - in Italy and in several other countries - the commercial trademark Grana Padano, and presented it to Brussels in view of being granted the Denomination of protected origin for the Grana Padano cheese.

PROVOLONE VALPADANA D.O.P. The Provolone Valpadana cheese has born the D.O.P., Denomination of protected origin, since 1996, (Reg. CE n. 1107/96) in accordance with Community legislation which defines the characteristics of products from a protected origin.