Salamini Rotondi and Quadrati

A "pasta filata" cheese made have top quality milk, salt and rennet, with a fermeted natural acidity. It is a cheese with particular characteristics which make it unique in its round or square sausage shape and in its taste.

This product is naturally smoked in ovens with selected, non-resinous type wood. If aged for a short period, the texture is very compact and elastic. This becomes slightly more crumbly if aged for a longer period. The taste is enhanced by the aroma of wood smoke, which gives the product a distinct, but light and delicate flavour.

To be eaten with white wines.The round slices are particularly useful in rolls and the square slices in sandwiches.Aged: minimum 15 days.Average weight: 2 - 5 Kgs for the square-shaped and round sausage-like product.