Provolone Cheese

A pasta filata cheese made from top quality milk, rennet and salt. It is a cheese with particular characteristics, not only because of its numerous shapes and sizes, but also because of the strict techniques it is made. PROVOLONE Monti Trentini can be mild or sharp, depending on if it is made with veal rennet POVOLONE DOLCE (mild), or with sheep or goat rennet PROVOLONE PICCANTE (sharp).

Thanks to its melting and stringy characteristics, this cheese can be used on first-course dishes, or it can be grilled or eaten plain with vegetables and home-baked bread as a main course. Its taste is enhanced if eaten with deep, full-bodied wines.

Mimimum ageing process: 1 month (mild) – 3 months (sharp) SHAPES AND SIZES: Pancettoni (cylinder-shaped) : 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 kgs. Gigantoni (pear-shaped): 10, 25 kgs. Mandarini (large mandarin-shaped): 10, 20, 30 kgs. SMALLER SHAPES AND SIZES: Provolette (round), Fiaschetti (flasks), Salamini (cylinder shaped) Also available in 300 gr. vacuum-packed pieces.