Grana Padano Cheese

A cheese made from cow's milk, rennet and salt. The milk comes exclusively from areas of protected origin (DOP). GRANA PADANO MONTI TRENTINI is made throughout the whole year from specially selected milk which guarantees its unmistakeable taste, delicate in the medium-mature cheese and stronger in the more mature one. It is extremel light and easily digested.

It contains many proteins, vitamins, and important minerals like calcium, phosphorus and iron.It is a cheese which brings out the best in all Italian dishes. It can be eaten alone, grated on first courses, or in thin flakes on vegetables or raw meats; it is one of the few cheeses that is appreciated throughout a meal, from appetizers to dessert: as well, it is also excellent with fruit, even dried, jams or honey.

To be eaten with important white wines or full-bodied reds.Mark from the Consorzio per la Tutela del formaggio Grana Padano: "TN 341"Aged: 10 months and longer.Wheels of 24/40 Kg.