Formaggio Caciotta Delattosata

has developed a research program to offer the dairy market "Caciotta delattosata": a cheese that doesn't contain lactose. Lactose is the chemical name of the sugar that is present in milk, and which is difficult to assimilate in specific cases.

Partial or total intolerance to lactose makes it difficult to digest fresh milk and its derivatives, especially in fresh cheese, causing side effects.

Caciotta Montifree is produced exclusively with milk coming from Italian selected farms in Trentino and in Veneto, and thanks to special processing, it is suitable to all people who are intolerant to lactose.

The safety of this dietetic product is guaranteed by the fact that during the stages of processing a particular enzyme which is not active in intolerant people called " enzyme lactase" is used.

Caciotta Montifree keeps the same organoleptic feature of good and traditional cheese guaranteed by Monti Trentini without the use of any chemical additive.